(94/2020) Civil Police Officer (Woman Police Battalion) – Police (3/31)

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Civil Police Officer Woman Police Batallion_ Notification Kerala PSC

  • Qualification:-
  • (a) Educational: Pass in HS Examination (Plus Two) or its equivalent
  • Note: In the case of SC and ST candidates who have failed in the HS (Plus Two)
  • examination shall also be considered if sufficient number of qualified candidates
  • not available to fill up the Quota reserved for SC and ST.
  • (Rule 10 (a) (ii) of Part II of the KS&SSR is applicable).

(b) Physical Qualifications:

(i) Height : A minimum of 157 cm.

Note: Minimum Height measurement shall be 150 cm for candidates

belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities.

(ii) Eye Sight: Must be certified to possess the visual standards

specified below without glasses.

Vision Right Eye Left Eye

(a) Distant Vision 6/6 Snellen 6/6 Snellen

(b) Near Vision 0.5 Snellen 0.5 Snellen


(i) Each eye must have a full field of vision.

(ii) Colour blindness, squint or any morbid conditions of the eye or lids of either eyes shall be a disqualification.

(iii) Must be free from apparent physical defects like knock-knee, flat foot, Varicose vein, bow legs, deformed limbs, irregular and protruding tooth,defective speech and hearing.

(c) Must qualify in any five events out of eight events specified below of the National Physical Efficiency, One Star Standard Test.

Sl.No. Events One Star Standards

1. 100 Meters Run                  17 Seconds

2. High Jump                           1.06 m

3. Long Jump                          3.05 m

4. Putting the shot (4 Kg)       4.88 m

5. 200 Meters Run                  36 Seconds

6. Throwing the throw ball     14 m

7. Shuttle Race(4 X 25 m)      26 Seconds

  • 8. Skipping (One minute)        80 times

Written by Ashish Kavuttan Appu

Ashish runs the Youtube channel Seven Studios Plus focusing on PSC preparation and PSC job application. He has been assisting 1000s of students to apply on time and prepare the right way.


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