(103/2020) 12. Chemist – Part I (General Category) – Apex Societies Of Co-Operative Sector In Kerala (103/2020) (12/31)

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  • Qualifications 

1. MSC (Chemistry) from a recognised University with atleast one year

experience as chemist in a Fertilizer Manufacturing Unit.

Note:– 1) Rule 10 (a) (ii) of Part II of KS&SSR is applicable for this selection.

2) Those candidates who have claimed equivalency for  qualifications should produce the Government order proving the same at the time of certificate verification in order to consider as equivalent.

3) If the caste of candidates is wrongly mentioned in their SSLC book, they should claim their original caste in their applications and should produce community/NCLC certificate issued from concerned revenue authority and the Gazette Notification for the same at the time of certificate verification.

4) The applications that upload experience certificate at the time of submission will only be considered. Original Certificate should be produced at the time of verification.

Written by Ashish Kavuttan Appu

Ashish runs the Youtube channel Seven Studios Plus focusing on PSC preparation and PSC job application. He has been assisting 1000s of students to apply on time and prepare the right way.


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